Worship and Liturgy

“Walking Together in Faith and Worship” ~ Rev. David Jay Webber on Lutheran Liturgy & Unity

When I returned to the church of my baptism as an undergraduate in college, I experienced an intense desire to  to learn quickly all that I felt I should have known, but didn’t. Lutheranism was what I had been looking for all along, even though I never would have known it from my experience growing […]

Why it’s important to say “Catholic” in Article III of the Creed

reposted from a Facebook conversation from awhile back; starting in medias res… Catholicam, while it does mean universal, also means “whole.” (Technically, “ecumenical” more literally means “universal.”) With that said, it is important to confess the catholicity of the Church for the simple reason that the opposite of “Catholic” is not “Protestant” but rather “sectarian” […]


No Confession No Communion

By Rev. Dr. Curtis Leins Many contemporary Christian worship services have no Confession of Sins and no Service of Holy Communion?  Why?  Obviously, someone has decided that these things are less important than other things.  What are the other things that are so important that they take the place of confessing sins and receiving God’s […]

Why Should Churches Have Liturgy?

“There is no point in repeating words every week that have no meaning to me.” That’s a sentiment often heard surrounding the use of liturgy in the church service. In a way, the statement is correct. Jesus criticized the Pharisees for using lengthy prayers to somehow gain favor with God, because their heart was not […]

Why Should Christians Observe Lent?

Lent has been formally observed by Christians since the 4th century, but the practice of fasting, repentance, and prayer before Easter has been observed since at least the 2nd century according to the testimony of St. Irenaeus. Easter has always been a time of celebration for the church. On Easter we remember the victory that […]

Lutherans and the Use of Images

One of the things that initially scared me away from Lutheran churches was the crucifix placed in the front of the sanctuary behind the preacher. Doesn’t that violate the second commandment? Do Lutherans venerate icons?This is a common apprehension Reformed Christians have about Lutheran worship. I would look to clear up a few misconceptions. Lutherans do […]