Rev. Dr. Kurt Marquart

Theologoumena from a great theologian: Rev. Dr. Kurt Marquart on who may be saved

HT: Rev. David Jay Webber   Another matter which has worried me for some time: In your absolutely correct and necessary insistence that Christ is the only Way to Salvation, do formulate more carefully especially as regards hell. It is surely not helpful to be insisting at every turn that such and such shall undoubtedly […]

So…which Christians are really Christians?

A friend on Facebook asked one of those questions that many Christians of goodwill wrestle with. Though the church body in question for him is the Roman Catholic Church, one might easily wonder the same thing about any heterodox group. Here’s his question: [A]re Roman Catholics Christians? If Justification is the chief doctrine, and they […]

Rev. Dr. Kurt Marquart: Clarifications on Objective Justification (1998)

Trawled from the now kaput blog of Rev. Paul McCain. Rev. McCain writes… From time to time, I hear that there are still some Lutherans who are very confused about the doctrine of justification, specifically the aspect of it known as objective justification, the teaching that God was in the world reconciling it to Himself […]

Some good posts on Eastern Orthodoxy

Many of you followers of Pastor Cooper’s work have expressed curiosity regarding Eastern Orthodoxy. While I am by no means an expert in the subject, I have had a longstanding interest in Eastern Christianity — an interest which at one time extended to┬áserious inquiry and an interest in converting. It’s a topic which I have […]