Radical Lutheranism

Gerhard Forde’s view of the Law — an excerpt from Law, Life, and the Living God, by Rev. Dr. Scott Murray

Do you like what you read here? Does it pique your curiosity? Use the link above or click here to buy Dr. Murray’s book. The more I delve into his research and footnotes, the more I am convinced that this is a very important bit of scholarship that we Lutherans would do well to study, […]

What exactly is the problem with Gerhard Forde and the “Radical Lutherans”

UPDATE – Complementary Listening: “A Critique of the Theology of Gerhard Forde.” Reposted from the Facebook. Starting in medias res… Since it was wisely stated by a friend that “every little skirmish isn’t as important as a few well-crafted contributions,” I have abandoned the skirmishes of the land of Comboxen for a time and undertaken to […]