Luther’s Works

Blessed Martin Luther: “The Communion of the People”

So far we have dealt with the mass and the function of the minister or bishop. Now we shall speak of the proper manner of communicating the people, for whom the Lord’s Supper was primarily instituted and given this name. For just as it is absurd for a minister to make a fool of himself […]

“The Plague of Sin” and “The Cure of a Living Physician”: Bad News and Good News from Blessed Doctor Luther

Original sin is not a quiescent thing, but a kind of continuous motion or entelechy, producing its own effects. It is not a quiescent quality, but a restless evil which labors day and night, even in those who sleep. We see it in nocturnal defilements. It is a restless animal, a beast which cannot stand […]

So…which Christians are really Christians?

A friend on Facebook asked one of those questions that many Christians of goodwill wrestle with. Though the church body in question for him is the Roman Catholic Church, one might easily wonder the same thing about any heterodox group. Here’s his question: [A]re Roman Catholics Christians? If Justification is the chief doctrine, and they […]