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The First Volume of Weidner’s Works is Now Available!

This is the beginning of #WeidnerWeek, and we will have new releases each day from now until Friday. Today’s release is Revere Franklin Weidner’s book An Introduction to Dogmatic Theology. Here is the book description: Revere Franklin Weidner authored a number of books on dogmatic theology, which together comprise an almost complete treatment of the […]


A Translation of David Hollaz on Mystical Union

This a (very rough) translation of sections of David Hollaz’s chapter on mystical union in his Examin Theologicum Acroamaticum. On Indwelling Grace I. What is the Mystical Union with God? Mystical union is the spiritual conjunction of the Triune God with justified man, wherein like the temple, God consecrates with his particular being, as a […]


Regeneration in Lindberg’s Christian Dogmatics

§28. REGENERATION. Justification and regeneration stand in the closest relation to each other. The terminology has not always been the same, but has been changed from time to time, while the subject matter concerned has always been fixed. We have already called attention to the fact that different presentations have been made by different theologians […]