Lutheran Confessions

Behold, and it came to pass, a new Lutheran T-shirt…

Back in 2007 or so, New Reformation Press started marketing this shirt: You’ve probably seen it before. It’s sort of emblematic of what some would call “the Lutheran view of sanctification,” and what others would call, “a dumb caricature, which, while intending to be funny, says more about the lack of understanding of sanctification on […]

“God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who is the eternal and essential righteousness, dwells by faith in the elect…”

The following quote is taken from a comment by Rev. Dr. Holger Sonntag from an ongoing conversation over at Brothers of John the Steadfast. For a sneak-peek of Dr. Sonntag’s English translation of The Apology of the Book of Concord, coming Summer 2015, click here! +          +         […]

“Man’s Working Together With God After Conversion” -or- “C. F. W. Walther was a dirty pietist, evidently”

Do we confessional Lutherans love the theology that is set forth in our Lutheran Confessions, or do we love a truncated reduction of it? Seems like a tautological question, in a way — I mean, after all, it’s in the name, isn’t it? “Confessional Lutheran”? Should be a QED, right? It certainly should be, yes. […]

“Walking Together in Faith and Worship” ~ Rev. David Jay Webber on Lutheran Liturgy & Unity

When I returned to the church of my baptism as an undergraduate in college, I experienced an intense desire to  to learn quickly all that I felt I should have known, but didn’t. Lutheranism was what I had been looking for all along, even though I never would have known it from my experience growing […]

Luther and Chemnitz and Gerhard — Oh My! “The Simul”, Free Will, and the Lutheran Fathers

There has been a fair amount of misrepresentation of Lutheranism by Lutherans in recent days and weeks — on the internet, of course, or how else could I make such a statement? Clairvoyant, I ain’t. Anyway, these misrepresentations are by no means original or unprecedented (in fact they are quite common), but they are still very […]

What exactly is the problem with Gerhard Forde and the “Radical Lutherans”

UPDATE – Complementary Listening: “A Critique of the Theology of Gerhard Forde.” Reposted from the Facebook. Starting in medias res… Since it was wisely stated by a friend that “every little skirmish isn’t as important as a few well-crafted contributions,” I have abandoned the skirmishes of the land of Comboxen for a time and undertaken to […]