Behold, and it came to pass, a new Lutheran T-shirt…

Back in 2007 or so, New Reformation Press started marketing this shirt: You’ve probably seen it before. It’s sort of emblematic of what some would call “the Lutheran view of sanctification,” and what others would call, “a dumb caricature, which, while intending to be funny, says more about the lack of understanding of sanctification on […]

“Who’s right, St. Paul or St. James?” The Formula of Concord on faith and its fruit.

When people try to undermine justification sola fide as it is taught in Romans with James chapter 2, all of the explanation you need can be found in the Formula of Concord, Article III. The question answered by James 2:20 is not “How is a man justified?” but rather “How do you see that a […]

The Doctrine of Objective Justification

This is an excerpt from a book I am currently writing on the ordo salutis: Though traditional Reformation theology has emphasized the redemptive nature of Christ’s life and death, the resurrection has often failed to have a function beyond simply proving that what Christ did in his death was accepted by God the Father.[1] For […]

The Place of Union with Christ in the Ordo Salutis

There has been some recent discussion on the “What Would Pless Read?” group on facebook regarding the priority of union with Christ in the ordo salutis in a discussion of my theology of Christification. Dr. Jack Kilcrease has been an adamant critic of the position taken by myself, as well as that of Rev. Dr. […]

Rev. Dr. Kurt Marquart: Clarifications on Objective Justification (1998)

Trawled from the now kaput blog of Rev. Paul McCain. Rev. McCain writes… From time to time, I hear that there are still some Lutherans who are very confused about the doctrine of justification, specifically the aspect of it known as objective justification, the teaching that God was in the world reconciling it to Himself […]

A Brief Response To Subdeacon Benjamin Harju (on the Role of Regeneration in the Lutheran Doctrine of Justification)

Background: The following post is part of a longer conversation with Benjamin Harju, who used to be a Lutheran pastor (LCMS) but is now in the Eastern Orthodox Church. Last year he posted a critique of Lutheran soteriology. Trent Demarest ran across it and commented, and roped me into commenting as well (this is one […]

Some good posts on Eastern Orthodoxy

Many of you followers of Pastor Cooper’s work have expressed curiosity regarding Eastern Orthodoxy. While I am by no means an expert in the subject, I have had a longstanding interest in Eastern Christianity — an interest which at one time extended to serious inquiry and an interest in converting. It’s a topic which I have […]