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Luther and Chemnitz and Gerhard — Oh My! “The Simul”, Free Will, and the Lutheran Fathers

There has been a fair amount of misrepresentation of Lutheranism by Lutherans in recent days and weeks — on the internet, of course, or how else could I make such a statement? Clairvoyant, I ain’t. Anyway, these misrepresentations are by no means original or unprecedented (in fact they are quite common), but they are still very […]

Forde’s Article: “The Lutheran View of Sanctification”

Much of the contemporary debate on sanctification stems from Gerhard Forde’s essay “the Lutheran View of Sanctification”, published in the volume Five Views on Sanctification, and republished in The Preached God (these are the page numbers I will be referencing). This article has not only influenced the liberal to moderate circles of which Forde himself was involved, but […]