George Fields

So…which Christians are really Christians?

A friend on Facebook asked one of those questions that many Christians of goodwill wrestle with. Though the church body in question for him is the Roman Catholic Church, one might easily wonder the same thing about any heterodox group. Here’s his question: [A]re Roman Catholics Christians? If Justification is the chief doctrine, and they […]

Forensic Atonement and “Partaking of the Divine Nature”

[The following essay has been excerpted from personal correspondence and was originally posted at Pseudepigrapha: Deniable Plausibility as part of the “Dear Robert” series.]   Dear Robert, It is most important that I begin by saying that I am but a seminarian and am by no means an authority or a great theologian. However, I […]

Distinguo brevis – Mannermaa, Osiander, and Eastern Orthodoxy

…starting in medias res. The reason why Tuomo Mannermaa’s article is controversial is less theological than political and cultural, though there may be a theological component to it. Part of Mannermaa’s thesis is that Luther’s very realistic understanding of the atonement was forgotten and therefore not present in the Formula of Concord, and that therefore […]