Federal Vision

The End of Protestantism?

Peter Leithart recently posted a provocative article onĀ First ThingsĀ titled “The End of Protestantism.” In this article, Leithart argues that there is a divergence between what he labels “Reformation catholicism,” and “Protestantism.” Protestantism, he argues, has been characterized by it’s strong aversion to anything viewed as Roman Catholic. He writes: “When I studied at Cambridge, I […]

Thoughts on Mercersburg Theology

I have recently been reading a lot on the “Mercersburg Theology” which arose from conservative Presbyterian theology in Pennsylvania in the mid 19th century. The two primary proponents were John Williamson Nevin, and the noted church historian Philip Schaff. The main thrust of Mercersburg theology was the quest for a reformed Catholicity. This was promoted […]

A Review of “The Baptized Body” by Peter Leithart

Peter J Leithart’s “The Baptized Body” is a fascinating read. Coming from the controversial “Federal Vision” movement, Leithart seeks to infuse a high sacramental theology into Reformed Christianity. His argument comes primarily through exegesis, though with a strong dose of Calvin references. Leithart argues that contemporary Reformed Christianity has deviated from both the Biblical and […]