“Justification and Life for All Men” – An examination of universal atonement in Romans 5

Adapted from a discussion from the Twitterverse; starting in medias res… The real issue diving the Lutherans and the Reformed is not “single v. double predestination”, but the doctrine of the Person and Work of Christ. Whose nature does Christ assume? Human nature. Are you a human? Yes? Then He assumed your nature. He assumed […]


HCSB and WELS Translation Liaison Committee

By Rev. Richard P. Shields The WELS Translation Liaison Committee just posted their latest comments regarding the HCSB translation. (http://www.wels.net/about-wels/synod-reports/translation-liaison-committee/translation-liaison-committee) Overall, the work is solid and the committee is to be commended for its diligent work. For the most part I agree with everything they have noted. In a couple cases I will offer additional […]

The Wrong Use of Biblical Languages

“Pastor, what does Scripture mean when it says ‘If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven them’?”“Well, don’t trust the English translations. If you knew Greek you would know that what it really means is ‘If you tell people the Gospel, it is in light of the fact that God has already forgiven […]