Does the Bible Support Polygamy?

Responding to arguments against Biblical sexuality. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4Claim: The Bible defines marriage as one-man-many-women, one man many wives and concubines, a rapist and his victim, and conquering soldier & female prisoner of war. The argument made here is that the claim that marriage consists in a union of one man and one woman is […]

St. Paul on Homosexuality

Continuing my examination of this popular image supposedly refuting a traditional Christian approach to sexuality, I come to the following claim: The original language of the NT (dealing with the issue of homosexuality) actually refers to male prostitution, molestation, or promiscuity, non-committed same-sex relationships. Paul may have spoken against homosexuality, but he also said that women should be […]

Answering the “Shellfish” Argument

I am continuing my response to common arguments against the Biblical teaching on human sexuality. Claim: The O.T. also says it’s sinful to eat shellfish, to wear clothes woven with different fabrics, and to eat pork. This is easily both the worst and most common argument against Biblical sexuality that I hear. It is repeated ad nauseum […]

Did Jesus talk about Homosexuality?

With all of the good that has been accomplished by social media, one big downfall of the interconnectedness that we now share around the globe is the nature of intellectual discussions, how we talk with others about important cultural and political issues in contemporary society. Rather than thinking through one’s own ideology and having in-depth […]