Three young-ish, well-read-ish, and enthusiastic (but not in the bad way) Lutheran laymen talking theology: Trent Demarest, Levi Nunnink, and Matt Fenn are the amateurs in question.

Wait. Amateurs? What does this mean? Why would I want to listen to self-proclaimed “amateurs” talk theology?

A marvelous question! Let us consider what is meant by the term “amateur.” The word comes to us from the Latin — via the French, mind you — from amator, “lover”, which itself derives from amo, amare “to love.” In the most basic sense to be an amateur is to be a lover of a thing for its own sake. This is what we mean when we bill our show as “amateur theology,” although we will be quick to admit that it is also true that we are not experts or professional theologians. But let’s say that this changes, and we do become some shade of expert, or at least “professional” in the literal sense of the term (*cough*…Trent and Matt are starting seminary this fall…*cough*). Well, if this does happen, we hope that it will augment our status as amateur theologians, as lovers of theology for its own sake, not replace it.

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Episode 32: “Liturgical Variety” — nein oder ja?

While Matt was out on patrol (vehicle pictured above), Pseudepodcasters Trent and Levi were joined by the Rev’d Christopher Porter of Advent Lutheran Church in Winchester, Virginia, for a discussion of liturgy—the good, the bad, the ugly; pet peeves, wild and undomesticated peeves; whether it’s legitimate to have more than one Lutheran rite, etc. These […]

Episode 31: The Lord’s Supper ain’t no buffet-table!

Down a man once again, two-thirds of the Pseudepodcast crew wrapped up a discussion on the Lord’s Supper, rambling in peripatetic and pedantic fashion about the third question posed by Dr. Luther viz. the Sacrament: Who should receive it? Their discussion touched on the issue of Christian unity, the importance of discerning the body and […]

Episode 30: The benefits of The Sacrament of the Altar

Luther said that three points needed to be discussed when addressing the Sacrament of the Alter: What is it? What are its benefits? and, Who is to receive it? We asked “What is it?” in Episode 24 so we figured we should tackle “What are its benefits?” next, in obedience the good Dr. Luther. Lutherans […]

Episode 29: Reliculì, Reliculà…dem bones, dem bones, etc.

Today’s pseudepodcast featured the return of Trent to the hallowed halls of the…of the…oh, dear. This is certainly falling apart… Today the pseudepodcasting trio put their thinking-caps part of the way on and had a discussion about the history and use of relics and what Lutherans think of them. Or what at least three Lutherans […]

Episode 28: Thomas Kinkade, Kirk Cameron, and Christian Art, Oh My! A conversation about Christians and Art.

However, when man’s natural musical ability is whetted and polished to the extent that it becomes an art, then do we note with great surprise the great and perfect wisdom of God in music, which is, after all, His product and His gift; we marvel when we hear music in which one voice sings a […]

Episode 27: A knee-jerk over-reaction to “Evangelicalism”? Rev. Dr. Kurt Marquart on the Law

This week’s pseudepodcast is a mind-blowingly good lecture by the dearly departed Rev. Dr. Kurt E. Marquart. Originally delivered at the 2005 Symposium at Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne, IN, Dr. Marquart’s talk seems especially relevant to current discussions among Lutherans regarding sanctification and the “Third Use of the Law.” You be the judge! […]

Episode 25: Fr Charles McLean on “The Conduct of the Service”

The Pseudepodcast team takes the holiday off and instead presents a speech by Fr. Charles McLean on liturgical piety and “holding to the traditions”. Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone! Featured Content: The Conduct of the Service, by Fr. Charles McClean. Levi selected this weeks Bump Music: Disarm, by The Smashing Pumpkins Pomp and Circumstances, by […]

Episode 24: This is my body? Really?

On this subject Matt and Levi discuss the Lord’s Supper and how this doctrine makes Lutherans more Catholic than Protestant, while Trent serves coffee somewhere in the barren wasteland of Canada. We read through scripture, the confessions, and a few early church fathers as we do our best to explain why Lutherans (and the rest […]

Episode 23: What happens when Augsburg meets the Rule of St. Benedict?

On this week’s show two out of three Pseudepodcasters talk with Rev. Jay Denne about everything Benedictine from a Lutheran perspective: Eggs Benedict, Benedict Cumberbatch, and finally the Benedictine spirituality found in the Rule of St. Benedict. We discuss common objections, Lutheran Monasticism, and finally praying the hours. Featured Content: The Benedictine Lutheran Blog by […]

Episode 22: The one about the Law

On this most twenty-second of episodes, the pseudepodcasting trio addressed that perennially sticky wicket of theology: the Law. You’ll be pleased to know that they solved all the problems. This is an episode that you’ll want to bookmark and consult, even hundreds of years from now. You will also definitely want to read Rev. Dr. […]