Just & Sinner Podcast

The weekly Lutheran Theology podcast of Pastor Jordan Cooper.


An Interview with Eric Swensson on Pietism

On today’s program I interviewed Rev. Eric Swensson on the history and theology of pietism. Swensson argues that pietism was largely a positive movement in the Lutheran church, though he does not consider himself to be a pietist. This is an important interview for those who are critical or supporters of pietism. Note: I do […]


From Calvinism to Lutheranism

On today’s program I interviewed Josh Brisby who is a recent convert from the Reformed to the Lutheran tradition. We discussed a number of the differences between the two traditions, both practical and theological. Here is the program Josh’s website can be found at http://downtoearthlutheran.wordpress.com/



On today’s program I discussed pietism. I gave some historical context and a brief history of the movement. Most of the time was spent on Philip Jacob Spener. I talked about the influence of pietism, and both the negative and positive impact of the movement. Here is the program


The Doctrine of Angels

On today’s program I was joined again by Rev. Lewis Polzin of Trinity Lutheran Church in Bemidji, MN to continue discussing Henry Eyster Jacobs’ book A Summary of the Christian Faith. We discussed chapter VI on the Angels. We talked about common misconceptions about angels, the purpose of angels, demon possession, and many more topics. Here […]


Intuitu Fidei

On today’s program I discussed the doctrine of election and the debates over the subject which have existed in Lutheranism since the nineteenth century. I tried to show that there are four different positions which have been held among Lutherans, and that holding to intuitu fidei (though wrong) does not necessarily make one a synergist. […]


Listener Q & A

I spent the program answering listener questions, addressing a number of topics. I discussed speech-act theory, the difference between Lutheran and Reformed approaches to union with Christ, the continual nature of justification, and the use of prayer beads. Here is the program


God’s Providence

On today’s program I was joined by Rev. Lewis Polzin to continue our discussion of Henry Eyster Jacobs’ book A Summary of the Christian Faith. We looked at chapter five on the providence of God. This led to discussions of theodicy, Calvinism, miracles, and other important topics. Here is the program


The Call (Vocatio)

On today’s podcast, I continued my discussion of the ordo salutis. I addressed the call, especially in relation to the Reformed view of the effectual call. I discussed the nature of God’s call, the means of the call, and the distinctions within the doctrine of the call. I spent a large part of the program […]


Always Reforming

On today’s program, I played a lecture from Rev. Dave Spotts of Wittenberg Door Ministries in Columbia, MO. In this presentation pastor Spotts makes a case for judging our faith and practice against Scripture. This use of Scripture as our authority in judging the history of the Christian faith is central to living an authentic, […]


Tools for Hermeneutics with Rich Shields

On today’s program I was joined by Rev. Richard Shields, who is pastor of Shepherd of the Mountains Lutheran Church in Frazier Park, CA and president of the American Lutheran Theological Seminary. We discussed his article “Tools for Bible Study,” which led to a number of different topics, including: postmodernism and modernism, Bible translations, B.B. […]