Episode 32: “Liturgical Variety” — nein oder ja?


“Do you have any idea how irreverently you were going, son?”

While Matt was out on patrol (vehicle pictured above), Pseudepodcasters Trent and Levi were joined by the Rev’d Christopher Porter of Advent Lutheran Church in Winchester, Virginia, for a discussion of liturgy—the good, the bad, the ugly; pet peeves, wild and undomesticated peeves; whether it’s legitimate to have more than one Lutheran rite, etc. These and many other scintillating distillations were discussed up one hill and down the other. By the end of the episode, all of the problems are solved.

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This episode’s bump music was selected by Trent:

  • “That’s Not The Issue,” by Wilco
  • “Lazarus,” by Porcupine Tree