Episode 27: A knee-jerk over-reaction to “Evangelicalism”? Rev. Dr. Kurt Marquart on the Law

This week’s pseudepodcast is a mind-blowingly good lecture by the dearly departed Rev. Dr. Kurt E. Marquart. Originally delivered at the 2005 Symposium at Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne, IN, Dr. Marquart’s talk seems especially relevant to current discussions among Lutherans regarding sanctification and the “Third Use of the Law.” You be the judge! […]


God’s Providence

On today’s program I was joined by Rev. Lewis Polzin to continue our discussion of Henry Eyster Jacobs’ book A Summary of the Christian Faith. We looked at chapter five on the providence of God. This led to discussions of theodicy, Calvinism, miracles, and other important topics. Here is the program

Why Does God Come to Us in Bread and Wine?

Today, I have been asked to give a short message at a “convocation” here at Concordia University St. Paul.  I believe I am one of some 8 panelists.  We will each be talking about an illustration of our choice from the Saint John’s Bible, which the school is hosting for this year.  Here is what […]

The Last Two Sermons of the [Church] Year

Now that another Sunday is almost upon us, I shall post links to last Sunday’s sermon on the Sheep and the Goats (Ez. 34:11–16, 20-24, I Cor. 15:20-28, Matt. 25:31-46), and the shorter sermon I preached at our Thanksgiving Eve service (Deut. 8:1–10, 1 Tim. 2:1–4, Luke 17:11–19). Tomorrow the new Church Year begins!

Episode 25: Fr Charles McLean on “The Conduct of the Service”

The Pseudepodcast team takes the holiday off and instead presents a speech by Fr. Charles McLean on liturgical piety and “holding to the traditions”. Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone! Featured Content: The Conduct of the Service, by Fr. Charles McClean. Levi selected this weeks Bump Music: Disarm, by The Smashing Pumpkins Pomp and Circumstances, by […]


The Call (Vocatio)

On today’s podcast, I continued my discussion of the ordo salutis. I addressed the call, especially in relation to the Reformed view of the effectual call. I discussed the nature of God’s call, the means of the call, and the distinctions within the doctrine of the call. I spent a large part of the program […]

“But if You Do Not Forgive Others Their Trespasses, Neither Will….” Is God’s Love Really Unconditional?

As Thanksgiving is upon us are there persons that you need to forgive?  Consider this post an attempt at doing “the third use of the law”, the topic of my last several posts… I am currently teaching a beginning Christianity course to university students. On the discussion boards last night, one asked this challenging question: […]

“The Plague of Sin” and “The Cure of a Living Physician”: Bad News and Good News from Blessed Doctor Luther

Original sin is not a quiescent thing, but a kind of continuous motion or entelechy, producing its own effects. It is not a quiescent quality, but a restless evil which labors day and night, even in those who sleep. We see it in nocturnal defilements. It is a restless animal, a beast which cannot stand […]

Fr. Jack Whritenour defines the term “Evangelical Catholic”

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