From Calvinism to Lutheranism

On today’s program I interviewed Josh Brisby who is a recent convert from the Reformed to the Lutheran tradition. We discussed a number of the differences between the two traditions, both practical and theological. Here is the program Josh’s website can be found at


American Lutheran Theological Journal Volume 1, Issue 2

Price: $6                                            Kindle: $5.99 Articles  What Does Biblical Admonition and Exhortation Mean for Lutheran Preaching? By Mark Surburg The Two Kinds of Righteousness and Pastoral Care By Jordan Cooper This May Be Our Theology, But was it Luther’s? The Homiletical Limitations of Today’s Version of “The Two Kinds of Righteousness” By Michael T. Badenhop An […]

Episode 30: The benefits of The Sacrament of the Altar

Luther said that three points needed to be discussed when addressing the Sacrament of the Alter: What is it? What are its benefits? and, Who is to receive it? We asked “What is it?” in Episode 24 so we figured we should tackle “What are its benefits?” next, in obedience the good Dr. Luther. Lutherans […]

Theologoumena from a great theologian: Rev. Dr. Kurt Marquart on who may be saved

HT: Rev. David Jay Webber   Another matter which has worried me for some time: In your absolutely correct and necessary insistence that Christ is the only Way to Salvation, do formulate more carefully especially as regards hell. It is surely not helpful to be insisting at every turn that such and such shall undoubtedly […]


Moving to Patheos

Just and Sinner is soon going to be moving to Patheos. I just faxed in our paperwork, and at some point soon, all of the blog content will be moved to If you are unfamiliar with Patheos, it is a website featuring bloggers from various religious convictions. It has been featured in Newsweek, Time […]



On today’s program I discussed pietism. I gave some historical context and a brief history of the movement. Most of the time was spent on Philip Jacob Spener. I talked about the influence of pietism, and both the negative and positive impact of the movement. Here is the program