ConcordCast: a daily audio broadcast of the Lutheran Confessions

Are you interested in learning more about what Lutherans believe, teach, and confess?   Do you find that you don’t have much time to read throughout the day?   Do you have an irrational fear of papercuts? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you may be interested in my new project.┬áIt’s […]

“In Pseudepodcast, Comments make YOU!” We want your “Swimming the Rhine” stories…

Trent, Levi, and Matt want to hear from you. Specifically, we want to hear about how you made your way into Lutheranism. Perhaps you’re a cradle Lutheran who “rediscovered Lutheranism for the first time,” like Trent; perhaps you used to be a Reformed Baptist, like Levi; perhaps you used to be a heathen cult-member, like […]