The complete works of Revere Franklin Weidner

Revere Franklin Weidner (1851-1915) was one of the greatest minds of early American Lutheranism. He served as a pastor in Phillipsburg New Jersey, and Philadelphia. He taught theology at Muhlenberg University, Augustana theological Seminary, and Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary. He authored books on Systematic Theology, Biblical Theology, and Ethics.


Theologia: The Doctrine of God by Revere Franklin Weidner

This is the second volume in Weidner’s series of books on Christian dogmatics. This work is compiled from Weidner’s theological lectures on the doctrine of God given to his seminary students. This volume covers all of the foundational elements of the doctrine of God, such as: the existence of God, the attributes of God, and […]


An Introduction to Dogmatic Theology

Revere Franklin Weidner authored a number of books on dogmatic theology, which together comprise an almost complete treatment of the various loci of systematic theology. This first volume is Weidner’s theological prolegomena. This work covers a variety of topics such as: the definition of theology, the purpose of theology, and the relationship between theology and other […]