Rev. Jordan Cooper is the pastor of Hope Lutheran Church in Brighton, Iowa, and a Lutheran Theologian. He has a BA in Biblical Studies from Geneva College, an MTS from the American Lutheran Theological seminary, and an M.Th from the Wittenberg Institute. He is the author of The Righteousness of One: An Evaluation of Early Patristic Soteriology in Light of the New Perspective on Paul and host of the Just and Sinner Podcast. He founded Just & Sinner with his wife, Lisa.



IMG_0541.JPG - Version 2-001Lisa Cooper graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in English Literature from Geneva College. She is currently pursuing a Masters of Theological studies and is the chief editor of Just & Sinner Publications.




Trent Demarest is a cradle Lutheran from Corvallis, Oregon. He putzed around aimlessly in non-denominational Protestantism for awhile in high school before finally rediscovering orthodox confessional Lutheranism at the age of eighteen. He did his undergraduate work at Hillsdale College, a small classical liberal arts school in Michigan, earning his BA in history. Trent’s personal website is Pseudepigrapha.


leins teachingRev. Dr. Curtis Leins
is the Presiding Pastor of the AALC. Dr. Leins has served as a parish pastor, church planter, professor, and mission developer (including a term as the National Mission Devloper of the AALC). In addition to carrying out his duties as Presiding Pastor, he serves as professor of Doctrine and Liturgics at the American Lutheran Theological Seminary. His blog is Theopneustos.




  Rev. Richard Shields is the pastor of Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church in Frazier Park, CA. He is president of the American Lutheran Theological Seminary, and is the associate editor of the American Lutheran Theological Journal. His blog is Exegete77.



EricPhillipsApril2014Headshot      Rev. Dr. Eric Phillips is a convert to Lutheranism from a Baptistic background. He has a BA in  English and History from Cedarville College (now University), an MA in Medieval Studies    from the Catholic University of America, an MA and PhD in Early Christian Studies, also  from CUA, and most recently an MDiv from Concordia Theological Seminary. He has  taught as an adjunct professor at two colleges near Washington, DC (mostly Western Civ)  and at Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne (Latin). Since June 1, 2014 he has served as Pastor of Concordia Lutheran Church (LCMS) in Nashville, TN. He has no personal blog, having preferred to leave comments on Other People’s Blogs.


nathan-lutherNathan Rinne is a Lutheran (LCMS) layman whose greatest earthly joy is his family, made up of his wife Sheila and five fantastic boys under the age of eleven.  His theological interests span Church history, ecclesiology, and apologetics — particularly the connection between theology and philosophy. Having earned his undergraduate degree in the natural sciences and later degrees in the humanities and theology, Nathan is a “big-picture” guy who might occasionally struggle to focus. He earned his Masters of Theological Studies degree from Concordia Theological Seminary in St. Catharines, Ontario, and teaches beginning theology courses as an adjunct professor at Concordia University, St. Paul. He also has a curious affection for official Library of Congress Subject Headings. His blog is Theology Like A Child.


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